Ah, 2016 the year of the monkey. This year is all about the excitement and the spark of all that is to come. How has fashion and jewelry in particular been impacted by this year’s frenzy? Well, it’s safe to say designers have really taken on the maximalist approach and are bringing back some flavor from the past. Gothic? Baroque?  How, we’ve been waiting to make your come back in our glam wear. Not to mention the asymmetry trend with jewelry and the “single earring” look. This takes independent to another level! Let’s take a look at some of the hottest trends we love for 2016!


1.      Baroque Jewelry

This has to be the most popular trend of desire so far! I mean seriously, royalty coming through in designer goddess attire? We are so with it. From Gucci’s grand line of necklaces, to the divine pendant brooches showcased by Christopher Kane, it’s time to dust off those tiara’s ladies.The most beautiful aspect of this year’s newest trend, is that it intertwines with vintage couture and allows us to rock those family heirlooms with glory. Take this vintage brooch and this diamond dewdrop necklace that we can gush over for decades (literally).

2.    Asymmetry and Single Earrings

Matching is an artform, but applying asymmetry and the “single look” into your everyday style calls for an audience and much praise. Hooray for independence from formality! There are many pieces we are confident can stand on their own, such as the round cut earring and the two tone curvy earring.

3.      “We Need More”- Layered Ring look

Contrasting with the asymmetric look mentioned above, these statement pieces make layering a piece of cake. The layered can look more “put together” in all definitions by coming in one piece. Your single piece can say a lot more on it’s own than you realize.  This diamond layered ring and this pave ring really pave the way to getting down the best of this hot trend.