After months of searching, you’ve finally chosen the perfect diamond that magnetically attracts light and showcases brilliance. You’ve overcome one obstacle, but the challenge is not over. Finding the right engagement ring style is a crucial step that can either make or break the diamond you have chosen. Gemstones can be fitted to most settings and settings can be altered to fit the diamond seamlessly. Be sure to pick a setting that fits your unique style, but also suits the diamond chosen. Below, we have listed the top five classic engagement ring styles.


The solitaire ring is considered by many to be the most classic engagement ring style out there. It has one diamond on top of a simple metal band with the option of being prong or bezel set. A prong set solitaire ring is when the diamond is placed on a metal claw that holds the diamond in place. Prongs encapsulate the diamond and can be pointed, rounded, flat, or v-shaped. Your choice of prongs depend on the cut of the diamond. You also have the option of deciding how many prongs you want. A typical choice is a four prong set solitaire ring, but the options involve six or double-prongs.

A bezel set solitaire ring is slightly less common than a prong setting, but still beautiful, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Unlike the prong, the bezel setting completely encircles the diamond. Many people prefer the bezel setting because it is the most secure type of diamond setting since it smoothly surrounds the diamond without the risk of an edge being scraped or caught.


A setting seen quite frequently that adds extra brilliance to the diamond you have chosen is the halo setting. True to its name, a halo of diamonds surround the center stone. This setting is designed to encapsulate a single diamond and definitely brings luminosity to the overall ring. The diamonds are typically round cut and much smaller than the center diamond. If you’re looking for a more unique take on the halo setting, you can change the shape of the center diamond to marquise, asscher, or pear-shaped. Looking for something even more brilliant? Add a double halo.


Three Stone

If you’re looking for an engagement ring with a symbolic meaning, the three-stone engagement ring may be the perfect choice. Three diamonds sit on a band representing the past, present, and future of your bond. The center diamond is bigger in size and nests between two accent diamonds. Rather than having three gemstones of the same shape, a modern take would be to mix and match the shapes of the accent diamonds with the center stone.


The name of this setting stems from the architectural design that resembles that of a cathedral. From the side view, the band gradually rises vertically and encapsulates the center diamond in a steeple-like point. This type of setting adds stability and lifts the center gemstone upward, capturing more attention due to the extra light that is refracted. This setting is versatile in the sense that you can have a ring with one diamond or a three-stone ring with two brilliant accent diamonds surrounding the center gemstone.