If you have an insatiable love and admiration for jewelry as we do, you know you can never have enough. With that said, it’s crucial to master the form of layering jewelry if you want to utilize each piece to it’s full potential. Think of it as an art and your body is the canvas. We layer our clothes, so why would our jewelry be any different? Layering can have it’s own style and it’s fun to create your own while learning the fundamentals as well! These are a few guidelines that can help get things started:

 A Little Goes a Long Way:

 Sometimes it’s hard to not wear all of your favorite pieces in one sitting. You want to wear your new beautiful earrings, glam necklace, and all your bracelets as well. For the “little goes a long way” style guide, here are a few ways to layer without pushing the limits and feeling heavy in your daily get-up.   It’s the most simple of pieces that really pull an outfit together. Grab some fun geometric earrings and a double band ring and you are on your way!


Pick A Theme:

Sometimes, layering can be as simple as picking your theme or style for the day. Are you feeling daring? Or more quaint? Maybe, you’re feeling a little in between? Well, there are pieces for that too. Once you’ve decided what you’ll feel more comfortable wearing, it becomes easier to pick out pieces. Whether it’s your go-to bar necklace or “words to live by” ring , there is always a theme to wear by.



Think about one of your favorite pieces of jewelry. You know that one gorgeous piece  that takes up all the air in the room on it’s own! It’s the one you want to wear everyday but can’t match with everything. That’s the point exactly. Those fabulous pieces we savior for our most grand of days isn’t meant to play with our everyday ensemble. Nor is it meant to play well with many others. The trick is to not overshadow any statement piece with other bulky pieces. If it be a necklace, maybe hold off on all of those bangles. If it adds to the piece, then it is welcomed, but if your statement piece lacks it’s boldness with these other added pieces, it wasn’t meant to be.



The Subtle Match:  

Synchronizing a few pieces, such as a jade earrings with it’s jade pendant necklace  can be perfection. Be wary of how much you choose to match though! Wearing these two pieces plus a headband and jade bangles is a bit much. The key is to match without overmatching. Being subtle and linking a few gems can be all that you need to complete your look.