Spring time is finally here! Which means, fashion is in high swing. This season is favored by many for it’s luminous wake into the year, bright blend of colors, and fragrant bliss awaiting a sniff! The most blushing season of the year brings about all that we adore and more! Here are the top 4  newest fashion trends and jewelry that are sure to make your spring season sparkle:


1.       Plaid in Play- Rings: For all you plaid lovers out there such as myself, the play with plaid is all we needed to pump us up for this spring season. When it comes to this particular pattern, it can be dominating on its own but can take a lot from simple shimmers of rings, bracelets, and earrings.  By adding these simple elements, you can take your ensemble to the next level.  Don’t be afraid to add some flavor like with a Cross Diamond Ring  or  even a Crist Cross Ring.


2.       Orange You Excited? – We’ve been pretty in pink, and blossomed with florals, and now it’s time to take off with orange. I mean really, orange you excited? This bold and vibrant color always finds a way to work into your wardrobe. With it’s bold nature, pair it with these yellow gold cluster studs.  If you want a softer look, add some cream or white into your look. You can do this to dress it up, like adding these teardrop earrings to perfect that night look.


3.       What will Shape You? Who knew this season would take on a modern take on shapes? From triangles and ovals, to our old fashion X’s and O’s. So what shape will make you shimmer this spring? Whether it’s a Overlapping circle ring or a “X” marks the spot ring.  Be sure to keep it complex in the simplest of form of course.

4.      Paper Bag Waist-These baggy bottoms are the comfy and stylish form of casual wear this spring. They are feminine and friendly to all, and are perfect to layer with simple jewelry or even to pump up with more dominant pieces. In the mood for color? Silver or gold? Try pairing your puffy pants with these fun two tone earrings  or turquoise droplet earrings.