If there is one statement that is true, it would be diamonds are forever. What does this quote mean exactly? Diamonds are so precious and everlasting, that they will never lose their value. When thinking upon your most prized possession, your jewelry should be at the top of your list. Now, what do we do with objects that mean so much to us?

We invest in their protection and well-being. Many do not realize how important it is to insure and protect your prized possession. Whether it be your family heirloom passed down from generations, or the timeless jewels gifted to you by the love of your life. 

We all want our jewels to last a lifetime, and with Jean Pierre Jewelers you will no longer have to worry about this security. We want your experience, just like your dazzling piece of jewelry, to be unique. Therefore, we offer a lifetime warranty of care as a part of our service to you. Each piece purchased is individually backed by a full lifetime warranty.  What does this lifetime warranty guarantee exactly?

Each piece has been handcrafted to perfection and handled with ultimate care; therefore any thought of loosening or insecurity will not be an issue for much time to come. When and if the day arises, know our company is there for you.  Here are three primary services guaranteed:

1.   Loosening

Has your piece of jewelry gradually become loose over time? In a simple process, we can shape it back to it’s original form with the lifetime warranty.

2.   Replacements

Our guarantee promises the replacement of the loss of smaller diamonds and stones. Should any of your jewels fall out of your piece, know they will be replaced, free of cost to you. It will be handled with our generous service and love for design

3.   Reset

With the replacement of any stone comes the complimentary service of resetting. We will take the liberty of resetting your stones to make sure they are secure and in place for decades to come.

Our lifetime warranty plan means you are our customer now and always. We place value in each of our pieces, and make sure our customers feel secure.