Jean Pierre Jewelers

To know where you are going, you must remember from where you came. This is the foundation of Jean Pierre Jewelers. Built on a heritage of excellence, the expert artisans of Jean Pierre Jewelers have over 100 years of fine diamond experience. It is this legacy that has made its jewelry some of the most sought after treasures around the globe.

Renown for an unparalleled weaving of old world craftsmanship and contemporary design, Jean Pierre has taken his family-owned brand and carved a unique niche in the fine diamond industry. It is his ability to provide both innovative design practices and highest-grade diamonds that make each piece so sparklingly unforgettable.

Every one of our GIA-certified diamonds is hand-selected by our experts, ensuring that your precious stone is a fitting tribute to your partner’s natural radiance. Coupled with a recent partnership with Jagger Diamonds, Jean Pierre has taken a step further into the upper echelons of fine diamond jewelry, allowing your luxurious piece to shine throughout the years as a gleaming tribute to your bond.

With one of the most celebrated collections of estate and antique pieces, in addition to the latest trend offerings, you can be sure to find the right jewelry to fit your personal taste. For those who seek luxurious individuality, the master craftsmen of Jean Pierre Jewelers can also create one-of-a-kind jewelry styles including those inspired by the Art-Deco, Victorian, and modern eras. Make it uniquely yours by custom designing your dream engagement ring and watch us bring it to life in the most exceptional way. No job is too big or too small.

At Jean Pierre Jewelers, it is our promise to provide you with a generation of expertise and a lifetime of brilliance. All this, to ensure that your timeless piece shines as an eternal heirloom of your one true love.